My father told me I was going to be a tank driver when I was twelve. He was wrong, I became a helicopter pilot in the Army. I think he was happier that I did that than drove tanks. Then at the end of my army time, my pastor told me I needed to become a pastor. I did. But I probably didn't turn out the way I was supposed to. I certainly love Scripture and what it means for life, but I really do not like the way a lot of preacher types try to apply it to everyone else while they don't apply much of it to their own lives. Yes, I think scripture is serious about who you are and what you do. I just think it's far more serious than most of us realize. God's Word is not a finger of judgment as much as it is a hand that offers to lift us higher. So that's what I'm about. Recently I accepted the call to Hospice Chaplaincy. Amazing is all I can say.



To find the Diamond in Everybody I Meet.