Pastoral Proposal

If a man tossed an apple to a woman in Ancient Greece, it was a marriage proposal. If she caught it, well, let's just say she took a bite and was hooked. For better or worse, good times or bad, the choice was made. 

Most people have a limited sense of what marriage will bring. Those of us married for any length of time smile at weddings and remember our good and bad times, while wondering if the newly weds are ready for what's coming.

Ive often wondered if God tossed me an apple when He called me to be a pastor. Toss, catch, instinct and enthusiasm, maybe even a bit of love were all in that toss and my catch of His calling. 

I can tell you this. Pastoring is like marriage. Good and bad. No percentage of those two things can be put on those two realities, they just are. And you will remember good times and bad times when you review your pastoral years. One thing is certain. As a pastor, you will suffer. The pastor suffers over his flock day after day and suffers with God about His flock, night after night.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that the primary consequence of God's call is suffering.  That may be why so many young folks let the Call pass them by, or resist Gods voice to begin with. They have watched pastors suffer and they don't want that.

Maybe now is a good time to consider what your response will be when God tosses the apple to you.