Who is responsible for me?

My son gave me two books for my birthday. Both have challenged me to rediscover Accountability for my life, ownership as it were. One of the challenges is simple; I can only get so far in life as I transfer blame to others for my current state of life.

Blaming others, whether they deserve it or not, all too often allows me to diminish my responsibility for my life. If it’s someone else’s fault that my life sucks today, then I’ll never really dig out of that suck hole. In fact, I will only dig it bigger and deeper.

I may not be totally responsible for everything that happens in my life, but I am totally responsible for my response to those happenings. Notice the word Response in relation to the word Responsibility.

One word for what threatens Responsibility is Reactionary.

Responding is a healthy Reaction. Most reaction is not healthy though, it is emotional reactionism or the improper use of reflexive empathy. It almost always includes blaming and shaming in order to regain balance and control of my life. Bitter, resentful, entitled reactions unsettle our balance, not stabilizing our footing.

Blaming may have its purpose, yet it is among the most destructive reactions in our lives.

Is there a better way? Yes. I’m responsible for me and where I will be. I’m not OK where I’m at. I can be better. And I’m responsible alone for my betterment. Just as you are for yours.

Thank you Michael for the books. I’m better because of your gift.