The Truth

Truth. Now there’s a mouthful. I can’t find much respect for those that claim to have it, or preach it. It’s like they have the truth all bottled up in a can or jar, can open the lid at will, and out comes this mysterious gas, the truth. You and I can’t see it, we can’t smell it, but it’s in there according to our truth tellers.

The more I hear someone tell others they have the truth, the more obnoxious and dismissive I find them. It’s always been a bit arrogant to claim the truth can be owned or controlled., as if to say I have it and you don’t.

We have a saying in my church, “They can blacken your reputation but never stain your character.”

The truth is, the greatest truth that is, is that the truth is revealed in our character. When you can backup your claim to having the truth with a life lived in the shape of truth, then you might have something to crow about.

Unfortunately, some of the folks who claim to have the truth seem the least likely to know how to apply the truth to them selves and others. A life informed by the truth is the best spoke person for the truth. Want to preach the truth, let me see it working in you.