Life and/or Death

I wonder how often I have used that phrase, as in “It’s not a life or death matter”, is it? Now that I am so close to the dying everyday, so much more feels like a life or death matter. I mean, it’s either one or the other, isn’t it?

Part of it is black and white for me, cut and dried. You are either alive or dead. No argument there. My interest is about life mostly. What makes you alive, breath, blood, mind, feelings, sights, sounds?

I’m thinking more and more about my claim to be alive. I know my body functions, my mind thinks, my tastebuds react, my hopes are real. But all that is not a guarantee that I am really living, fully leaning into life.

Spending time this past week in Colorado gave me a chance to slow down a bit and rethink life.

My conviction of late is that I am most alive when I am serving someone, empowering them to live their fullest life. When I put more of me into giving than taking. I still have to take in, but I will get more when I give. And so will others.

Let’s call this the Giver’s Life. This is truly a matter of life and death.