Some Stuff Sucks But

I scooped up the domain a while back with those words in it. I’ve seen a lot of sucky stuff over the years. My daughter likes to say that “that sucks”, when referring to something that I would say “rots”. But I’m thinking she’s more hip than me with todays lingo, so Sucks it is.

I think about stuff that sucks a lot because I’m around people. People tend to complain about the sucky stuff a lot. And I don’t much care for all the complaining. So I added the “but” on the end. stuffthatsucksbut. See the but there.

Yea, I know life sucks, and you can talk to me about it for a while, before I toss you out the door. For many years I listened to suck stories. Still do. And I’m not gonna stop anytime soon, but I’ve got a couple of new policies.

If I listen to your “suck” story, then you have to listen to my “but” story. OK? Otherwise, go away.

And if I feel you are cheating and not really listening to my positive views, then yes, go away again.

So let’s get started, got a “suck” story?