I tend to take a lot for granted. That I’ll be here tomorrow, that life goes on, that I’ll feel reasonably well this week, that work will be, well work. I don’t have any of that yet, I do have today, safe to say.

Should I do today or let today do me? What does today do for me? Am I the same today as I was yesterday? Will I be different in the days ahead?

What will I pay attention to today? What will scratch my brain?

Can I nap, goof off, do nothing and call it a good day? One of the few remaining days I have left. Is today being well spent? Will I even look back one day and remember the quality of this day?

It’s my day, and right now, I’m just a miracle, a living breathing miracle, I’m alive. Knowing and being around people that die, sometimes one or two a day, makes my brain grateful for this day.

A little prodding for the day from Mary Oliver.