So this year is one of our zooiest years in a while. The Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs, the children’s zoo here in Lincoln, and the Omaha zoo. I noticed one thing they had in common. Feedable Giraffes.

You can stand at the same elevation as the Giraffe’s mouth, and tongue, and head, and horns and big eyeballs, and did I mention that strange, blue black, tongue.

What’s that all about? When I was a kid, you couldn't get near the giraffe’s. Now we can almost kiss them, feed them, heck burp them. Close and personal for sure.

Zoo’s are changing. Maybe you’ve noticed that they want you to experience the animals, not just see them and smell them.

I like it. The experience is more meaningful to me today. Memorable even.

At the Cheyenne Zoo with my date.